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Serenity Dental Center is the leading Biocompatible Dentistry Center in Los Angeles, CA.  Offering our patients the finest Mercury-free and Holistic dental procedures. In addition, we provide our patients with the latest technology in teeth whitening, reshaping and cosmetic dentistry.

What our patients say

  • In June 2010, I was diagnosed with extremely high mercury levels. My medical doctor developed a treatment plan and strongly suggested that I have all dental amalgam mercury fillings removed, as she suspected they were "if not the cause, then a major contributor" to the high toxicity levels. There were 11 crowns plus several fillings that needed to be removed. Even though the ADA's official opinion is that amalgam is not harmful to anyone, with the sheer quantity of fillings and the fact that I have a number of allergies, I went along with the suggestion. Besides, I desperately wanted to feel better.

    My doctor referred me to Dr. Rashtian and three months later the work on 14 teeth was completed!!!!! Along the way Dr. Rashtian found leaking fillings, corrosion, chronic gum problems etc. etc. but I trusted her judgment and her gentleness and skill made it not an ordeal to be feared ( For the record, I used to have major dentist-phobia) . ... I was 100% + satisfied with the results and have since switched to see Dr. Rashtian for all my dental needs,

    She is a consumate skilled professional, a perfectionist by nature, and has a sense of humor to boot. I highly recommend Dr. Rouzita Rashtian for any dentistry, especially amalgam removal. She is getting my A+ - and as a result, I recently moved my husband over to Dr. Rashtian. We love her new office - it really does convey serenity.

    Karola R.
    Beverly Hills, CA

  • Serenity is the key word to this place! My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Rashtian for over 5 years and we are more than please. We recently came to her new location for our routine visit, and felt complete RELAXATION.The office is amazing, Dr. Rashtian and her lovely assistant Kisha is the best! If you want to be 100% at ease, this is the perfect place.

    Kevin B.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • I have been to a lot of dentists. Dr. Rashtian is the best. It's not just that she knows her stuff and has good bedside manner. She uses the latest equipment so you get almost no radiation taking x-rays, not the norm in most dental offices. She is the most up to date dentist I know on how to practice dentistry using substances that ensure your total health. The office is new and beautiful. Highly recommended from someone who is normally a critic.

    Sonia N.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • My fear of the Dentist is finally gone! thanks to Dr.Rashtian she is VERY gentle and she also is very comforting.The office is by far the nicest dental office I've ever been to.When I first met Dr.Rashtian, she welcomed me with open arms and i felt like I've known her for years and that made my experience at the dental office even better.Not only that the fillings Dr.Rashtian performed was excellent, she also is very beautiful! the brown eyes of hers are hypnotizing! my overall experience at Serenity Dental was a perfect 10 out of 10 and I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Rashtian and her VERY Nice office.

    P G.
    West Hollywood, CA

  • Dr. Rouzita is great and wonderful dentist. I am seeing her almost 10 years and I would never go to another dentist. I was so scared of dentist but she is so gentle and caring that I look forward for my appointments. Thank you Dr. Rashtian you are great.

    ROYA r.
    Van Nuys, CA